Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Long Revolutions Conference: November / Tachwedd 2

2012 mark 50 years since the publication of Raymond Williams’s seminal volume The Long Revolution (republished this year by Parthian Press). On Friday November 2nd, The Burton Centre / CREW will host a conference at the Dylan Thomas Centre. ‘The Long Revolution in Wales and Japan’. The conference is free to Swansea University students and staff and £10 for everyone else. Tickets available from the Dylan Thomas Centre. The event is part of the Dylan Thomas Festival 2013.

Richard Burton Centre / CREWRaymond Williams Kenkyu-kai (The Society for Raymond Williams Studies, Japan)JSPS/MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Long Revolutions in Wales and JapanRaymond Williams in Transit 3

Friday, 2nd November 2012 / Dydd Gwener, Tachwedd 2il, 2012
9.30 – 4.30

Dylan Thomas Centre 

9.30 – 10.00
Opening remarks and thoughts on The Long Revolution. 
Daniel Williams

10.00 – 11.00
Fuhito Endo, ‘A Reading of Freud through Williams: an Actual/Affectual Residual and the Long Revolution’
(Chaired by Shintaro Kono)

11.00 - 11. 30 Coffee

11.30 – 12.30
Yasuhiro Kondo, 'Realism in the Long Revolution: A Reading of Raymond Williams's Second Generation'
(Chaired by Takashi Onuki)

12.30  – 1. 30 Lunch,

1.30 – 2.30
Takashi Onuki, ‘A Short Talk:  Culture and Society after 3.11’

Kieron Smith, ‘Wales and the BBC’s Long Revolution’
(Chair: Daniel Williams)

2.30 - 3.15
Discussion. The Meaning of the Long Revolution
Chair: Dai Smith
Panelists to include Takashi Onuki, Shinatro Kono, Daniel Williams

3.15 - 3.45
Tea / Coffee

3.45 - 4.45.
Ryota Nishi, 'Writing the Vanishing Mentality of Underground Labourer: Kazue Morisaki and the Structure of Feeling of the Memoirs’
(Chaired by M. Wynn Thomas)

4.45 - 5.00. Closing remarks.

Fuhito Endo, Yasuhiro Kondo, and Ryota Nishi come to Swansea as part of projects supported by JSPS/MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research.

Fuhito Endo, Professor, Seikei University Tokyo
Professor Endo is currently staying at the Centre for the History of Psychological Disciplines at University College London as a Visiting Professor.  He is now working on the historical/theoretical significance of British female psychoanalysts between the wars.

Yasuhiro Kondo, Lecturer in English, Toyo University
His research interests are in twentieth-century literature and culture in Britain. He wrote an article on the relation between strike and culture.

Shintaro Kono, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University. Co-translator of Eqbal Ahmad's Confronting Empire, Fredric Jameson's Cultural Turn, Edward W. Said's Power, Politics, Culture and Culture and Resistance into Japanese.

Ryota Nishi, Graduate Student, Hitosubashi University, and Lecturer in English, Chuo University. His research interests are in Postcolonial Studies, especially in Edward Said.

Takashi Onuki, Associate Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
His field of interests is the genealogical approach to culture and society in twentieth-century Britain. He is a co-editor of Cultural History: Affections and Struggles in Britain, 1951-2010 and the works he co-translated include Tony Bennett ‘s New Keyword and Edward Said’s Reflections on Exile.

Dai Smith is the Raymond Williams Chair in Cultural History within CREW which he joined in March 2005. He is also Chair of the Arts Council of Wales. Professor in the History of Wales at Cardiff University 1985 to 1992 and Editor BBC Radio Wales and Head of Programmes (English language) at BBC Wales from 1992 to 2001 when he was appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor at he University of Glamorgan. He is now Series Editor of the Welsh Assembly Government’s Library of Wales for classic works written in English from or about Wales.

Kieron Smith is a PhD student within CREW at Swansea University. His research is focussing on the films of John Ormond within the context of national broadcasting.

The event is arranged by Daniel Williams, Director of the Richard Burton Centre, Swansea University

The Long Revolution in Wales and Japan’ is the third ‘Raymond Williams in Transit’ sessions, and the third collaboration between Welsh and Japanese academics. The first took place on October 16th, 2009, at a one day conference entitled ‘Raymond Williams in Transit: Wales – Japan’, arranged by CREW (The Centre of Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales) at Swansea University, and supported by the JSPS/MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. September 25th, 2010, saw a follow-up event held at Japan Women’s University, Mejiro Campus entitled ‘Fiction as Criticism / Criticism as a Whole Way of Life’.  The conference on September 25th was preceded by a symposium on the 23rd on ‘Raymond Williams in the 1950s’. These events in Japan were hosted by the Raymond Williams Kenkyukai (The Society for Raymond Williams Studies in Japan), with the support of the Faculty of Humanities at Japan Women’s University, and the JSPS/MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. As well as reports on the CREW website, below, Tony Pinkey has written a report on the events in Tokyo on the Raymond Williams society website:

These events have resulted in two significant publications:
A special issue of Keywords: A Journal of Cultural Materialism

A special issue of Raymond Williams Kenkyu entitled Fiction as Criticism / Criticism as a Whole Way of Life


Ar Dachwedd ar 2il bydd cynhadledd ar Raymond Williams yn cymryd lle yng Nghanolfan Dylan Thomas, Abertawe. Dyma’r bedweredd digwyddiad i dynnu beirniaid ac academyddion Siapaneiadd a Chymrieg at ei gilydd i drafod gwaith Raymond Williams. Croeso cynnes i bawb. 


Friday, 11 May 2012

Canolfan Astudiaethu Cymreig
Richard Burton
Centre for the Study of Wales

The Third Annual Post-Graduate Conference
Y Drydedd Gynhadledd Flynyddol i Ôl-Raddedigion

New Research in Welsh Studies

Ymchwil Newydd ym 
maes Astudiaethau Cymreig

Arts and Humanities Conference Room
Ystafell Gynhadledd y Celfyddydau a’r Dyniaethau

B02/B03 Callaghan

21 - 22 May / Mai 2012

Supported by / Gyda diolch am gefnogaeth
Canolfan Richard Burton Centre
Graduate Centre / Canolfan y Graddedigion

Monday 21 May  / Dydd Llun 21 Mai
0945 – 1000
Welcome / Croeso
Dr Jonathan Bradbury

1000 – 1100
Session 1 / Sesiwn 1

Nicole Katchi:    ‘What effect does devolution have on policy communities for 14 – 19 NEETS (Not engaged in education, employment or training) in Scotland and Wales?’

Georgia Burdett:   ‘‘Getting Legless’: representations of alcoholism and disability in contemporary Welsh writing in English’

Chair/Cadeirydd:  Dr Jonathan Bradbury

1100 – 1130
Coffee / Coffi
1130 – 1230
Session 2 / Sesiwn 2

Carys Howells:    ‘‘Our Friends the Servants’: Class and Domestic Service in South Wales 1871 1921’

Hannah Thomas:    ‘The Society of Jesus in Wales, c.1600 – 1679: Reconstructing and Analysing the Cwm Jesuit Library at Hereford Cathedral’

Chair/Cadeirydd: Dr Gethin Matthews

1230 – 1330
Lunch / Cinio
1330 – 1430
Session 3 / Sesiwn 3

Peter Black, AM South Wales West: 'The National Assembly and changes in the national life of Wales'.

1430 – 1500
Coffee / Coffi
1500 – 1600
Session 4 / Sesiwn 4

Felicity Wagstaff:    ‘David Jones and Vorticism’

Kieron Smith:    ‘Performing Culture on Television: John Ormond’s Cultural Documentaries’

Chair/Cadeirydd:  Mr Robert Rhys

1630 -
Reception / Derbyniad

Sarah Coles: readings from / darlleniadau o Here and the Water (Gomer, 2012)

Sponsored by/Dan Nawdd: The Graduate Centre / Canolfan y Graddedigion

Tuesday 22 May / Dydd Mawrth 22 Mai
1000 – 1100
Session 5 / Sesiwn 5

Liza Penn-Thomas:    ‘Raymond Williams and the border country between literature and performance’

Hannah Sams:   ‘Beth yw Theatr yr Abswrd?’

Chair/Cadeirydd:  Prof./Yr Athro Tudur Hallam

1100 – 1130
Coffee / Coffi
1130 – 1230
Session 6 / Sesiwn 6

‘How to publish your research.’

John Osmond, Institute of Welsh Affairs
Dr Angharad Watkins, University of Wales Press

Chair:  Dr Elain Price

1230 – 1330
Lunch / Cinio
1330 – 1430
Session 7 / Sesiwn 7

Dr Martin Johnes :   ‘Building an Academic Career’

1430 – 1500
Coffee / Coffi

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Richard Burton Centre Postgraduate Conference 2012

Cynhadledd Myfyrwyr Ol-radd Canolfan Richard Burton 2012

21 - 22 Mai/May

B02/03 Callaghan

Come and support the Centre's postgraduate students as they present their research papers.


Dewch i gefnogi myfyrwyr Ol-radd y Ganolfan wrth iddynt gyflwyno eu papurau ymchwil.


Programme to be released on Friday 11th May.
Rhaglen i'r rhyddhau ar Ddydd Gwener 11eg o Fai.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Graduate Conference - Richard Burton Centre

New Research in Welsh Studies
Graduate Conference
Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 May 2012
Arts and Humanities Conference Room
B02/03 James Callaghan Building

An opportunity for MA by research, M.Phil. and PhD students working on Wales to come together to discuss their research.

Call for Papers:
The Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales seeks paper proposals from postgraduate researchers (MA by research, M.Phil. and PhD) working in any discipline on subjects that concern or relate to Wales.

Papers will be of 20 minutes’ duration and will be presented within a multi-disciplinary forum. Presenters should be aware that the audience will be interested, but not necessarily expert, in their own specific field of research. Some thought should therefore be given to exploring the context (theoretical, methodological etc) in which the research has been designed, in order to maximize points of contact and opportunities for comparison across subject areas and disciplines.

Papers might present an overview of the research project as a whole, or of one or more parts of it. The focus might be (for researchers in the early stages) on the research question and involve some speculation as to how best to resolve it. For researchers nearing completion it might be more appropriate to concentrate on outcomes and possibilities for further research beyond the qualification currently aimed at.

Please send proposals (no longer than one side of A4) for papers (in either Welsh or English) to Dr. Elain Price, Academi Hywel Teifi, Swansea University

Closing date for proposals: 23 April 2012

Cynhadledd i Fyfyrwyr Ôl-raddedig - Canolfan Richard Burton

Ymchwil Newydd ym maes Astudiaethau Cymreig
Cynhadledd i Fyfyrwyr Ôl-raddedig
Dydd Llun 21 a Dydd Mawrth 22 Mai 2012
Ystafell Gynadledda y Celfyddydau a’r Dyniaethau
B02/03 Adeilad James Callaghan

Cyfle i fyfyrwyr MA trwy ycmwhil, M.Phil a PhD sy'n gweithio ar Gymru ddod at ei gilydd i drafod eu hymchwil.

Galwad am Bapurau:

Mae Canolfan Astudiaethau Cymreig Richard Burton yn galw am bapurau gan ymchwilwyr ôl-raddedig (MA trwy ymchwil, M. Phil. a PhD) sydd yn gweithio mewn unrhyw ddisgyblaeth ar bynciau sy'n ymwneud â Chymru.

Bydd y papurau yn para 20 munud, ac mi fyddant yn cael eu cyflwyno mewn fforwm rhyngddisgyblaethol. Ni fydd holl aelodau’r gynulleidfa felly yn gwbl hyddysg yn y gwahanol feysydd, a dylid rhoi peth sylw i gyd-destun damcaniaethol y gwaith (theoretig, methodolegol a.y.b.) er mwyn galluogi cysylltiadau a chymariaethau rhwng meysydd gwahanol.

Gall y papur gynnig trosolwg o'r prosiect ymchwil yn ei gyfanrwydd, neu ganolbwyntio ar un neu fwy o rannau ohono. Gall myfyrwyr sydd ar ddechrau eu prosiect ymchwil fanylu ar un cwestiwn ymchwil gan archwilio’r dulliau mwyaf addas i ymwneud â’r cwestiwn hynny, neu gall fyfyrwyr sy’n agosau at gyflwyno eu gwaith edrych ar bosibiliadau ar gyfer ymchwil pellach.

Anfonwch gynigion (dim mwy na un ochr A4 o hyd) ar gyfer papurau (yn y Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg) at Dr. Elain Price, Academi Hywel Teifi, Prifysgol Abertawe.

Dyddiad Cau : 23 Ebrill 2012